Sometimes you can seek and discover

That life isn’t more than just a pretty cover

Of a growing soul, a seeking kid

A curious dog, a conscious wit

Where do I go, where is the start

Of a life full of nothingness

A life torn apart

That’s just an idea

Filled with every single truth

The path to wholeness goes through me too


Like everyone else, since we are just one

If you want to see it or not

That’s how we become

Human, stone, an animal or tree

Each of them is the same to see

If you look beyond the gleam

Beyond the skin, behind the eyes

We are all connected

Smooth and gentle ties


When are we finished

With our search for wealth and hope

For a world that doesn’t exist

Outside our heads

Let our thoughts be dismissed

While it may serve your heart

And give answers on your road

Wish you an splendid journey

And know that everything you need

Can be found within your skincoat